Quilt Samples
Preparing your quilt:
Preparation of your top and backing before you come is very important to the end result!
PREPARING YOUR TOP: Please take the extra time to pick off the stray threads and press the top & backing before you come. Darker loose threads may show through the quilt top from underneath (especially seen through light fabrics) once it is quilted.

Also, pressing the top & backing beforehand will make it look so much nicer once it is quilted. Wrinkles simply
do not go away when I have it pinned to the frame.

EMBELLISHMENTS: Please do not add embellishments to your top until after all the quilting is completed. Please ask beforehand if you have questions.
Be sure to check for holes or missed seams before you bring it. This can happen to anyone and I have seen this when the quilt has blocks made from various people. I do not repair quilt tops and once they are on the frame it is more difficult for you to repair any issues. I will contact you if I find somthing wrong and we can discuss it then. Please go over it first before you come to avoid delays.
TRIMMING: I will trim your finished quilt (except for basting services) unless you request otherwise. All extra fabric and batting goes home with the quilt.

BATTING: Choosing the correct batting is just as important as the fabrics for the top and backing. Please do not bring pieced batting for me to use as I have had difficulties working with it. I have batting available for sale if you don't know what to use.

Thread selection: One thread color is included in the services. There will a small charge if there are several thread changes for your quilt. Variegated threads will be additional $5.
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