Quilt Samples
I have batting available as I love working with Quilter's Dream Batting because they offer just about every type you may need.

I have the following 93" wide batting available for sale:
Cotton, Poly (white and black), and Bamboo, as well as Cotton King packages (122 x 122) for those special large quilts. If I don't have the type of batting you want to use, I will order it.

If you use a different type of batting, bring it and we will look at it. There are some types of batting I prefer not to use on the longarm machine (such as Fairfield) so I will need to see it first.

Quilter's Dream has 8 different package sizes from Craft to King, 9 different battings, and 4 different lofts (thickness) from very thin for hand quilting to supreme for crafts and comforters. I also carry Cotton 18" wide on a roll for table runners and placemats.
** Please give me a call if you need batting even if I am not quilting for you at the time.
Batting samples are available upon request. **

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